• 50hr Yin Yoga Training (Early Bird Ends August 30th)

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

50hr Yin Yoga Training (Early Bird Ends August 30th)


Yin Yoga or also known today as ‘Meditation Yoga’ because of its slow and meditative nature, provides us the space to go within and contemplate and reflect the inner workings of our being. It is a slow static practice that involves long holds in specific Yoga Postures to help stretch and release the connective tissues, tendons, joints and ligaments in the body.

Over the 50 Hours we will be exploring the many aspects that Yin Yoga has to offer. This training is suitable not only for Yoga teachers to help broaden their understanding and knowledge as teachers, adding to their Yoga repertoire,  but it is also open to anybody who is interested in learning and diving deeper into the practice of Yin. 

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fascia & its role in Yin Yoga
  • Yin & Yang Theory
  • 5 Element Theory
  • 12 Essential Meridians and how they apply to Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga Theory
  • Teaching Methodology
  • How to teach functional Yoga
  • Sequencing & Themes
  • Usage of Props
  • Contraindications, Injuries & Pregnancy

This training will be facilitated by Ashleigh Green, a senior Yin Yoga Teacher who has studied and completed over 200 Hrs in Yin Yoga Training through Yinspiration Yoga, and over 200 Hrs in Calligraphy Health Qigong, the practices and philosophies of the ancient Daoist Cultures and Traditions is at the heart of Ashleigh's teaching.

The course will run for a total of 8 days, held over two weekends.

When: 9am - 4pm  

Friday 7th October - Monday 10th October 2022

Friday 14th October - Monday 17th October 2022

Where: Ritual Yoga & Pilates studio in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance and upon completion of 100% attendance PLUS completion of a few hours of homework, students will receive a 50-hour teacher training continuing education certificate.

Early Bird Price $950.00 -  Payment before August 30th 
Full Price: $1200