Where is Ritual?

We are located at 9 Palm Beach Avenue (down the road from Barefoot Barista and upstairs from Lifeline).

Where is the Reformer studio?

Located just 30 metres away from our main Yoga and Pilates studio on Palm Beach Avenue. (Beside Shipwreck Barbers).

What should I bring? 

If possible bring a mat, water bottle and comfortable clothes to move and breathe in.

What if I have never done yoga or pilates? 

No problem all levels are welcome! Please let the teacher know so we can best serve you.

Can I practice if I am pregnant?

Of course! Yoga and Pilates can be great forms of exercise pre and post natal. However, there are some postures which we recommend that you avoid, so please make sure you tell the teacher before class so they can best serve you.

Where do I park?

Please use the on-street parking and respect private parking areas.

Eating before coming to class?

It is best to avoid eating anything too heavy approximately 2 hours before your yoga class as you will likely be in postures where you are twisting, bending and potentially lying on your stomach. We also recommend that you hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water during and after class.

What about injuries?

Although Yoga and Pilates are considered fairly safe forms of exercise – injuries can occur. At Ritual, we cannot stress enough the importance of listening to your body and allowing your practice to develop over time, rather than pushing your body too far. If you have an existing injury please let the teacher know so they can give you some modifications.