• Private Yoga Class - In Studio
  • Private Yoga Class - In Studio
  • Private Yoga Class - In Studio

Private Yoga Class - In Studio


Our privates yoga sessions are restorative in nature and are facilitated by Rose Lamont and some of her senior teachers who have studied and practised Katonah Yoga  extensively with her over the years. 

Private yoga classes are vastly different from public classes. A public class addresses  the general needs of the group, whereas a private class attends to the needs of the individual. 

In each session you will receive a body-reading and be given a series of tailored restorative yoga asanas, breathing and meditation techniques with the support of hands on adjustments, and other unique yoga props and assists.

During the session you will feel what it is like to release the use of old patterns and the muscular effort that is usually employed during yoga, so that you can begin to travel the mind and breath through the territory of the body to gain a new insight. 


 home practice that attends to your unique needs and goals. 

Privates are done privately at your home or in one of our studios. 

*Please select your date and preferred time slot available on the right-hand side by clicking the calendar icon. Please add any notes, requests, health issues in the notes section at checkout. Please note Yoga Privates are available via Zoom too.