Laura Humphreys




Class style:

Philosophy infused, seamlessly sequenced vinyasa class with pranayama, meditation and lots of hands on love to aid safe alignment leaving you feeling empowered to keep diving deeper into your practice.

What drew you to teaching:

I was instantly drawn to the practice of yoga from the 1st time I stepped on the mat, I became fascinated with the ability and skills my body was learning and I was overcoming injuries and felt a sense of community. I felt a deep pull to share this with others because I always felt so lost before I found yoga and teaching gifted me with a deep sense of purpose and have meaning in to my life.


Favourite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Laura's beliefs and programs are built on the philosophy that wellness isn’t just a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your body, your mind, the planet, the people you surround yourself with, the environment in which you place yourself and how determined you are to live and dream big. It's a loving relationship, built on kindness, discipline, honesty, respect and passion. Her approach to teaching yoga is to bring people closer to this philosophy and using it to achieve their life goals.

Now with over a decade of teaching and experience she draws upon the knowledge of many linages and feels honoured and blessed to share the offerings of her teachers and mentors to deliver philosophy infused, bio-mechanically sound, seamlessly choreographed sequences.