Annabel Gebbie



Annabel is a student of osteopathy and has been teaching yoga + meditation since 2015, when she finished her 500hrs with Katrina Guthrie.

She was drawn to yoga at age 16, practising to help combat her anxiety growing up. Annabel’s connection to yoga is inclusive, nurturing and intuitive. She aims to provide a space for freedom and expansiveness through her creative, strong flows and meditative movement. Empowering you physically and mentally. Integrating breath, body and movement; connecting the elements and in doing so calming the mind. Mindfulness and self-inquiry are interwoven in her classes to help you become proactive in your own healing. She will help you feel lightness and joy in your own body and mind, in the hope that you leave feeling like there are sunbeams shining out of your cells and greater freedom for you to connect to your essence.