Tina Taylor


Tina fell in love with art of movement as a young child, and came to understand the importance of core and alignment after a post injury back in 2000. Since then, she has practiced and trained in many modalities and discovered her passion for Pilates / Barre whilst living in Bali and found that she was drawn to attending classes daily. She loved the way it made her feel and wanted to share that experience with others.

Tina completed her Cert 4 in fitness, moving into to an Advanced Diploma in a Health Science specialising in Remedial Therapy. In the past several years she went on to complete her qualification with Studio Pilates, and trained at Barre Fundamentals under Renee Scott in Sydney. Through her studies she found a connection between self development and teaching, and forged her journey in becoming a qualified life coach.

You will find her highly motivating, energetic and results driven whilst maintaining a centred, calm and humble class. Although Tina teaches group sessions, she has an invested interest in the individual. Tina focuses on toning, lengthening, alignment and breath. She is approachable, informative and looks forward to seeing you in her class.

Tina teaches Pilates & Barre classes at Ritual.