Suzie Cooper


Growing up I have always had a passion for sport. Surfing was my life and I was blessed with the opportunity to surf most days before and after school. I would take any opportunity to be involved in sport at school, whether it was athletics, swimming, cross country or team sports. In 2012 I completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science with honours and in 2013 completed a Diploma of Education.

I tried Pilates for the first time when I moved to the Gold coast in 2010. I thought it would be an easy practice, and good for my ‘rest days’. Little did I know how challenging I would find the class… Needless to say I was sore for days. I have loved Pilates ever since that first class and have continued to regularly practice since then.

I love the uniqueness of Pilates, and the opportunity it provides to link mind and body when practising. In 2015 I completed my level 1 Mat Pilates course with Michelle Cassidy and in 2016 have completed my level 2 Barre training through Barrebody studio in Brisbane.

I am passionate about my career in Pilates and am blessed to be able to make a living through something I have a real passion for. If you are looking to strengthen the body and mind or simply to have a good time, meet me on the mat this week.

Suzie takes Pilates & Barre classes at Ritual.