Sarah Cooper


Sarah's practice of yoga started at 15 when her mum persuaded her to join her for a weekly class. Having trained in gymnastics throughout her childhood she naturally fell in love with the physical practice of yoga, but could not understand why they were made to lie on their backs for half an hour at the end of every class!

It wasn't until she found herself in a busy, stressful corporate marketing and media role years later that she fully began to appreciate and love the many layers of yoga, using it as a therapy to get her through her highly demanding job. When one of her teachers announced she would be leading a teacher training, she decided to take it as an opportunity to deepen her practice. 

Sarah recently completed her second teacher training with Laura Humphreys and draws a lot of inspiration from Laura's intricate teachings of yoga. Sarah is passionate about guiding her students to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and an openness to wander through powerful vinyasa based classes with intention.

She always strives to make everyone feel supported and capable of progressing in their practice and hopes to provide a little bit of "yoga therapy" on the side for those moving through challenging times.

Sarah teaches Yoga and Yin classes at Ritual.