My love for dancing started when I was very young.  By the age of three I was in my first ballet class, which progressed to a passion for upbeat tempos and fast movement. The ability that music has in changing my mood, inspiring and uplifting my soul is something I will always need in my life. Music and movement has brought me to become a dancer, cheerleader and most recently a Pilates instructor. 

Life is all about balance. With my current studies of Environmental Science at Bond University, Pilates provides the balance I need which keeps me centred, focused and in the present. I aspire to live a life of purpose, being the change I wish to see in the world. I endeavour to encourage and inspire others to reach their full potential, to live a healthy lifestyle and nurture the beautiful planet that surrounds us. I believe what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Through challenging both body and mind we may become stronger people.

Bec teaches Pilates & Barre classes at Ritual.