• Yin & Sound Chakra Workshop | July 20TH

Yin & Sound Chakra Workshop | July 20TH



Deepen your practice and expand your knowledge of Yogic Philosophy with an immersive Yin & Crystal Singing Bowls workshop to explore the Seven Chakras. In the ancient language of Sanskrit the word Chakra can be translated to ‘wheel’ and is understood as an energetic centre; each one spinning and assimilating energy. Within our subtle energetic body there are seven main Chakras situated along our spine.

 Beginning at the base and travelling all the way up to the crown, each Chakra serves a unique purpose to our physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual well being.During this two hour restorative yin and sound workshop use the power of posture, sound, mantra, and visualisation as a means to understand where these energetic centres sit within our body; to explore practices that enhance connection, and to discover the function and symbology of each Chakra.

This practice serves to enrich the relationship to ones self and harmonise with the ever changing world around us. By using these centres as a type of support system, we can deepen our personal practice, build on our knowledge of Yoga and connect mindfully with others and the world in which we live. Our session begins with a grounding cacao ceremony infused with Pranayama, and concludes with a blissful meditation to the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls.


Location: 9/2431 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218