• Yin Immersion with Ashleigh Green | 30th July

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

Yin Immersion with Ashleigh Green | 30th July


Saturday 30th July | 1:30pm-3:30pm 


Rest + Replenish Yin Yoga Immersion

Wintertime is the most YIN season of all according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As we observe in nature, the days are shorter, the temperature is cooler, and it’s a time of year when it is vital for us to start living in accordance with nature by slowing down and withdrawing our energy or Qi from the busyness of our life, taking the extra time to rest our body, our mind and our energy to replenish ourself from all that we give and do every day.
During Winter, the Kidneys & the Urinary Bladder are the organs that are associated with this season and represent the Water Element in TCM.
The Kidneys are considered to be the most important organ of all because they are the root of both Yin & Yang and they store our Jing (vital essence) which was gifted to us by our parents at conception and contain the seat of our vitality.
The Water Element nourishes and lubricates our bones and our joints
and governs the health and longevity of our spine.
When we push ourselves past our limit or edge by overworking, overcommitting, and overthinking, we begin to deplete our vitality and
essence. We may start to experience stiffness and tightness,
especially in the lower back region, lose our motivation and willpower,
and become forgetful, fearful and insecure.
In this 2 hour workshop, we will be using specific poses to help rest
our bodies and nourish the Water Element, bringing balance and
harmony to our inner body and replenishing our vital essence within
our Kidneys & Urinary Bladder.

Investment : $40