• Sound Healing with Bebe Carletti | 21st August 3pm-430pm
  • Sound Healing with Bebe Carletti | 21st August 3pm-430pm

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Sound Healing with Bebe Carletti | 21st August 3pm-430pm


Soothe, energise and cleanse your subtle body 🧘🏾☁️🌀

Join us for a 1.5 hour healing journey through sound, frequency & vibration. 

Everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves! So to shower our entire being with Sound can have a profound impact on how we feel, how we think, how we relate, on how we connect & how we are. 

Sound Healing is an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational harmony, balance, and a return to your own unique symphony. It transforms & alters the brain waves to a deeply restorative state where the body can start healing itself 

Sound healing is used across the globe in medical & holistic health centres facilities to address Stress, anxiety, sleep issues, grief, depression, anger, pain & inflammation in the body, boost our moods, our mental health & our immune system.

Join us & let Bebe Carletti, a certified sound healing practitioner & energy medicine mentor, shower you with sound to help you return to joy, calm & peace. 

Bebe uses an array of sound healing tools from Native American flutes, medicine drums, rattles, to gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, crystals singing bowls & more 

Allowing every cell in your body to shift from dis-ease to ease. 

Let's Shift together! Limited space available! Book now.


Where? Ritual Palm Beach: 9 Palm Beach Avenue, Palm Beach 4221.