• Sound Healing Journey with Bebe Carletti | April 28th

Sound Healing Journey with Bebe Carletti | April 28th



Join us and Bebe for a 1.5-hour journey through sound and also to celebrate the launch of Ritual Palm Beach

Most of us are aware that our body contains invisible energies. The concept of chi, or life-force energy flowing through and around us, is ancient and well-established.

Sound-healing therapies are used in medical facilities across the globe to address PTSD and its associated symptoms, including anxiety, sleep challenges, grief, depression, anger, and panic attacks.

They've shown remarkable success in helping lessen the tremors in Parkinson’s patients, calming autistic adults, and helping the anxious and agitated in homeless shelters quickly achieve and maintain peace and homeostasis.

Sound-healing therapies are also used to address fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and autoimmune disorders and to boost the immune system. Plus, sound healing just plain feels good!

Stress, even pain, dissipates, and feelings of joy filter in as your brain waves slow down and every cell in your body shifts from dis-ease to ease. Let's Shift together!

LOCATION: Ritual Palm Beach, 9 Palm Beach, Palm Beach Avenue QLD 4221