• Roll and Release | April 21st

Roll and Release | April 21st



Designed to relieve muscle tension and pain, we can expect to feel more relaxed and mobile after practising roll & release yoga. The most effective way to improve mobility is to move the fascia, the connective tissue that covers our muscles and contributes to stiffening in the body. It accesses the tissues in a way that a normal yoga class or stretching cannot. We achieve this by using balls to apply pressure to specific parts of our body. We will be working from the tips of our toes, to the top of our head.
This form of self-massage also reduces stress by switching on the parasympathetic nervous system, micro-stretching the muscles and re-calibrating the muscle's resting length by switching off nerves that were maintaining unnecessary tension in the muscle. We achieve this through activation of the PNF breath too. This practice will relieve stiffness and pain, promote mobility, flexibility, circulation and energy as well as soothe and calm the nervous system. It is beneficial to aid in the recovery and performance of other sports and forms of exercise.

Book your class, and bring your own single massage/acupressure/tennis ball (not a spikey one), water and a mat. If you don’t have a massage ball, tennis balls will be available to borrow for practice. Mats are available at the studio to borrow too.

2431 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach, QLD 4218