• Pilates Instructor Training
  • Pilates Instructor Training
  • Pilates Instructor Training
  • Pilates Instructor Training
  • Pilates Instructor Training

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

Pilates Instructor Training


Over the course of the 6-days participants will undertake comprehensive training in the Pilates method and come out the other end as knowledgeable and confident Pilates practitioners and instructors able to teach dynamic group mat classes. During the course participants will learn everything from the cores and principles of the Pilates method, functional anatomy and physiology, intelligent exercise sequencing, technique, verbal and tactile cueing, breathwork, meditation, business & entrepreneurship, WHS, and public speaking.

Furthermore, if you have practiced Pilates at Ritual before you will probably be aware that we have strong values with respect to inclusivity and community.

At Ritual we are focused on empowering people through our classes and emphasise the importance of approaching health from more than just a physical level. As such all of our trainees will not only receive extensive training in the Pilates method, they will also undergo training in mediation and learn how to offer holistic and inclusive Pilates classes that leave their students feeling strong and empowered. 


In order to receive your certificate in Pilates matwork instruction at Ritual you will be required to complete the Pilates course curriculum. The curriculum consists of both practical and theoretical components. All of your practical and theoretical components will be held in the first 5 days. Following that, you will have a further 6 months to complete your class observations and required class attendance etc. 


First 6 Days

Your Pilates matwork training will run for 6-days. During this time you are required to commit to the following contact hours and tasks:

  • 6 x Contact Days from 9am -5pm.

  • August:  Friday 26th, Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th

  • September: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th

  • Completion of all practical and theoretical assessments.

You will have a further 6 months to complete the following requirements: 


"Receiving the scholarship to study Mat Pilates at Ritual in 2019 was easily one of the highlights of my life. I remember receiving the email from Rose and Sophie and crying in my car (thank god I wasn’t actually driving) - knowing that it was meant to be and this path was calling me. I’m a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and have a strong connection to the Deaf Community which is part of the reason I applied for the scholarship - so I could serve this niche community through Health and Wellbeing. I can’t thank Sophie and Rose enough for supporting me through this journey too. Upon graduating was around the time COVID-19 hit, which is when I began putting on free Zoom sessions for the Deaf community and to my surprise - the word spread very quickly. Not long after that I was asked by a Deaf organisation to teach every Friday on Zoom for their employees - this was my first paid job. "- Karla Daly


  • Attendance at scheduled contact days
  • Ritual student manuals and online materials
  • Course logbooks, assessments and ongoing mentorship at Ritual
  • 50x Pilates Mat Classes at Ritual Palm Beach


Total cost of course is $2800. One time Payment or Payment plan options are available. 

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Please sign up for this course confidently as there are no refunds available. In the event that the course cannot take place as planned due to the situation of Covid-19, the course will be delivered online.

6 Contact Days: 

August:  Friday 26th, Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th 

September: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th

9am - 5pm.