• Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours
  • Yoga Teacher Training •  200 Hours


Yoga Teacher Training • 200 Hours


Payment Plan 4 x monthly payments of $950


This course does not set out to present Yoga as one particular thing, from anyone angle or based on any one particular school of thought or philosophical system. When we look back on the evolution of yoga we can see that it did not develop in a straight line, nor does it connect back to one particular person or tradition.

The development of yoga as we know it draws on many different philosophies and lineages which share key concepts such as dharmakarmasamsaradukkha, and meditation, with almost all of them focussing on the ultimate goal of liberation (moksha) of the individual through a diverse range of practices.

They differ in their assumptions about the nature of existence as well as the specifics of the path to the ultimate liberation however the ultimate goal of personal freedom seems to be shared in common. Together, these philosophies are like rivers flowing from distant mountains contributing and coalescing to form the one ocean that is yoga.


For more info click here to access the YTT 200 PDF




Have a desire to begin a journey of self-enquiry and discovery?

Want to learn more about pranayama, meditation and be able to teach these practices?

Want to learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga?

Want to become a confident yoga teacher with the ability to teach creative, intelligent yoga classes that are grounded in richness of yoga philosophy?

At Ritual our goal is to offer the practice of yoga in a way that allows each student to experience yoga as an empirical or experiential science, free from the limitations of dogma. That being said, Yoga has an important chronological and cultural history that is rich with profound metaphors along with beautiful models and concepts that aim to explain experiences that aren't always able to be articulated in a way that does justice to a felt experience. Hence, we will explore yoga through the prism of a variety of lineages and schools of thought to have a rich and dynamic understanding of yoga in the context of its history and philosophical foundations.

It is from this point that we will apply yoga’s profound yet surprisingly simple philosophy and accompanying practices, test them in the context of our own life and analyse the results. True to the science of Yoga, you are not encouraged to believe in anything instead you are invited to use the practices to explore the terrain of your existence.



In-person 8 Weekends

Weekend 1: 22nd & 23rd October

Weekend 2: 29th & 30th October

Weekend 3: 5th & 6th November 

Weekend 4: 12th & 13th November

Weekend 5: 19th & 20th November 

Weekend 6: 26th & 27th November

Weekend 7: 3rd & 4th November 

Weekend 8: 10th & 11th December 

Course Work Outside of Contact Days:
Attendance of a min of 50x classes at Ritual
10 x class observations
10 x class assists
2 x Book reports
Anatomy exam
2 x essays
2 x teaching assessments
Video lectures
Completion of all required online modules



- The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V Desikacha

- Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley


- Rose Lamont • Asana • Meditation • Philosophy  

- Rose Baudin • Philosophy  • Meditation

- Mitch Hunter • Meditation 

- Brad Hay • Ayurveda 


Printed copy of Ritual’s Yoga Training manual
1 x Private Session
Unlimited classes at Ritual's Gold Coast studio for the duration of the training
One-on-one support
Unique Guest Workshops


Once the training is completed Ritual provides ongoing mentorship for graduate teacher trainees and the opportunity to teach a 1hr community class to the general public to ensure our trainees gain the experience they will need to start their teaching journey.

Ritual’s hatha vinyasa yoga training is open to anyone who has a love for yoga and is ready to deepen their knowledge and learn more about themselves through the practices of yoga and meditation. The course has been carefully put together to provide our students with in depth knowledge on the practice of yoga along with the practical skills they will need to teach quality classes that will leave people feeling inspired and alive in their bodies.

Upfront payment $3800 (no administration fee)
Payment Plan 4 x monthly payments of $950


Dates coming soon...

Send us an email at trainings@ritualpalmbeach.com if you would like to be the first to know when dates are announced. 

Please sign up to this course confidently as there are no refunds available. In the event that the course cannot take place as planned due to the situation of Covid-19, the course will be delivered online. If you have any questions and need to speak to someone in person please feel free to either call us at 0483 863 819 or send us an email at trainings@ritualpalmbeach.com