• 2hr Workshop - Archetypal Form & Function with Abbie Galvin

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

2hr Workshop - Archetypal Form & Function with Abbie Galvin


An incredible 2 Hour Zoom Workshop with Abbie Galvin.

While Katonah Yoga poses are classically Hatha in nature, we use techniques of origami folding, geometric measure and the use of ancient numerical archetypes to infuse the practice with dimension, energy, and refinement. These techniques offer us a map with which to navigate a practice rather than overly relying on feelings or sensations. If a pose is measured well, if the geometry is correct, the body is supported by its own structure rather than relying on muscle. 

Real strength is not a muscular grip but a matrix that is consciously constructed in our minds and embodied through physical effort. Reconstructing one's own container, one's body, through its structure, is the way to organically organize one's abode, thus re-informing the function of one's organs and glands.  The poses are the tools with which to set up conditions in order to explore the magic of the practice.

Hours bankable for Katonah Certification.