• 108 Sun Salutations with Ines Cerboni | June 5th 730am-9am

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

108 Sun Salutations with Ines Cerboni | June 5th 730am-9am



The meaning of the Sun Salutations

'Surya Namaskar' (AKA Sun Salutation) means to 'bow to the sun' and is traditionally

practised at sunrise facing the sun to bring in and give thanks for the energy of 'Prana'

(which in Sanskrit means 'life force.')

'Prana' is what gives vitality to every living thing and is what connects us all. By honouring

and connecting with this life-giving energy we bring ourselves back to presence and


In Yogic tradition, something is often repeated 108 times as a sacred spiritual practice. For

example, to commemorate a special occasion or the beginning/ending of a journey.

In this case, we will be dedicating the experience to the end of the autumn season,

welcoming the winter equinox. 

What you may experience

- This practice is very rhythmic and dynamic. It can be very hypnotic and meditative

too, and this allows us to get out of our busy mind and become deeply rooted in

presence. Take each moment as it comes and observe without attachment what

comes up for you.

- This practice is an incredible experience in 'Svadhyaya' (Self Study.) You may

experience boredom, irritation, discomfort, frustration or even elation but your one

task is to stay present.

- The full Surya Namaskar sequence has all the components of a full Yoga practice in it

(backbend, forward bend, inversion, pranayama, meditation.) By repeating this

sequence 108 times you will liberate your spine, revitalise your body and clear your