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Traditional Pranayama with Rose Lamont

Do you want to learn more about yoga, meditation and pranayama?

Join our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. You will learn: 

- Ayurveda: Yogic lifestyle, diet, rituals and approach to daily life.

- Asana, Bandha & Mudra: Yoga postures, adjustments and techniques.

- Pranayama: The science of utilising breath to facilitate healing and meditation.

- Restorative Practices: Learn techniques to facilitate rest, stability and rejuvenation in the body and mind.

- Meditation/Dhyana: Developing awareness and discovering ones natural state.

- Kriya yoga: Traditional cleansing techniques and the 3-fold practice for organising and transforming mind and energy.

- Mantra: Sacred sound for transforming consciousness.

- Philosophy: Understanding the 8 limbs of Yoga through Pantanjali's Yoga Sutra, The Bhagavad Gita and other traditional yoga texts.

- History: Discover the ancient history of yoga and its development through the ages.

- Anatomy & Physiology: Learn to see and understand the physical body from the inside out.

- Teaching Methodology: Learn to teach public and private classes that offer the real teachings and practice of yoga.

- Ethics & Professionalism: Understand the path of teaching and what is required in both a private and professional context