Kendra Till



Class style: With a strong focus on alignment and technique, Kendra brings enthusiasm to her dynamic, classical-inspired classes and offers variations for all levels.

What drew me to teaching: Kendra’s passion for teaching Pilates sprouted when she experienced the profound effects within her own body and mind. It brings her great joy teaching mindful movement practices that can be carried throughout the day to improve people’s lives.

Favourite quote: Always let your conscious be your guide. - Pinocchio


Kendra is a certified International Pilates instructor with over ten years of experience in both reformer and mat Pilates. She is also a well-respected Mentor and Educator for an international Pilates program, where she is part of the education team providing training to student instructors. Kendra has extensive experience within the industry having also worked with Surfing Australia, Griffith University and collaborating with a number of health clinicians. Kendra is passionate about teaching her clients mindful movement patterns which can be incorporated into their everyday activities. On top of her extensive industry experience, Kendra’s effervescent and professional approach will leave you feeling inspired, strong and supple.