Kelly Rooney



Kelly was born in America and spent several years doing competitive cheerleading and running long distance which sparked her interest in fitness. She started off teaching fitness classes at The University of Alabama where she studied Business Marketing.

Her passion for wellness, specifically for women, inspired her to create an all girls health and fitness organisation, which partnered with a wide array of fitness studios. Kelly fell in love with barre and began teaching Pure Barre while living in America.

She moved to Australia and gained other certifications in barre and Pilates while living in Sydney and working as a personal trainer and instructor.

Yoga kept Kelly grounded while adventuring and she completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training in Byron Bay.

She now lives in the sunshine of the Gold Coast following her passions, studying osteopathy and creating classes that change not only peoples bodies, but the way they view themselves and the world. A good class is one where you leave smiling (and burning) and inspired to be a better human!