4hr Workshop Demystifying Katonah Yoga Theory with Ellen & Misty

5th Feb | 8am-12pm | $80


Learn to teach and practice from the place you are currently in 
This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring the deeper aspects of their yoga practice


Katonah Yoga is a Hatha Yoga practice incorporating principles of Taoist theory, measurement, sacred geometry, metaphor and the imagination which has been developed and refined over the past 40 years by Nevine Michaan.

Join Misty and Ellen in a weekend where you will dwell and demystify some of the theory principles of Katonah Yoga and how using this theory and structure can allow you to up the function of your body, how to use the pranayama practices to manipulate your own internal chemistry, and how to weave your imagination through everything you do so you can stay in the body and have the opportunity to have an insight.



This workshop will be divided into 4 steps themed around the functions of the body

1-  Pranayama & meditation
2 - Folding
3 - Backbending
4 - Twists


Through using the body, the mind and breath, Katonah Yoga utilises the asanas to harvest implicit (not visible) information, providing a framework to reform your structure, take you out of bad habits and your first nature, and offers the potential to up the function of the body, being the only home you really have to live in.
Through pattern and repetition Katonah Yoga teaches its students techniques to live in your body joyfully, which naturally potentiates personal and communal wellbeing.
This practical and pragmatic material not only informs your practice on the mat, but gives you tools and techniques to take off the mat and into the world.