4hr Restorative Yoga Workshop with Ellen & Misty

12 Feb | 8am-12pm | $80

Restorative work is about restoration to your house (body). Building the structure of the scaffold so you can inform your practice and have an experience.
It’s about restoring something, your body to its former state, and through time allows you to have a therapeutic experience..
Therapeutic because it helps your organs function well. It's relaxing when your heart beats with a gentle rhythm, when your kidneys flush effortlessly, and your liver filters out what doesn't serve. It's experiential to really feel your lungs fill and empty out.
Join Misty & Ellen as they guide you through a day of theory around Restorative work, archetypes, chemistry work, and how to bring it all together through physical practice. They will give you techniques and a sequence for you to start your restorative home practice.
**Suitable for everyone

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