Experienced & Knowledgable.


Our Teachers here at Ritual handpicked for their experience and ability to deliver the highest quality classes. They are warm-hearted, gentle, and dedicated to providing you with insightful & inclusive classes that integrate intelligent sequencing, meditation, mindfulness & philosophy.


Rose Lamont


Rose discovered yoga & meditation at the age of 19 and was immediately intrigued by the the philosophy of yoga as freeing oneself from conditioning and experiencing complete presence within the body and the rest of the world.


Sophie Spratt


Sophie fell in love with Pilates and Yoga a few years ago. She was never able to find a sport that truly held her attention and fascination long enough, until one day she stumbled in on a Pilates class and after that she was hooked. Sophie loves all aspects of Pilates, from the fast-paced, high-energy Barre classes to general mat classes.


Suzie Cooper

Pilates | Barre

Growing up I have always had a passion for sport. Surfing was my life and I was blessed with the opportunity to surf most days before and after school. I would take any opportunity to be involved in sport at school, whether it was athletics, swimming, cross country or team sports. In 2012 I completed...


Tina Taylor

Pilates | Barre

Tina fell in love with art of movement as a young child, and came to understand the importance of core and alignment after a post injury back in 2000. Since then, she has practiced and trained in many modalities and discovered her passion for Pilates/Barre whilst living in Bali and found that she was drawn...


Brooke Neumann

Pilates | Barre

Brooke found Pilates to help rehabilitate a lower back disc injury and fell in love with the practice. She is now studying exercise physiology at Southern Cross Uni and is passionate about injury prevention. When she's not surfing or lifeguarding, you'll find her teaching fresh...


Ines Cerebon

Yoga | Pilates | Barre

Ines has been living on the Gold Coast for two years but is originally from Barcelona, Spain. Her passion for Yoga and Pilates started four year ago back in her home country, but it wasn't until she came here that she decided to train in Yoga, Pilates & Barre.


Mitch Allen

Yoga | Yin

Unaware of it, Mitch had always felt connected to the philosophy of yoga but the practice itself began for him as a way of becoming more nimble and flexible to compliment his surfing. Mitch completed his 200 hour AYTT in ashtanga yoga in with Cheryl Oliver from Arizona in 2015.


Sarah Cooper

Yoga | Yin

Sarah's practice of yoga started at 15 when her mum persuaded her to join her for a weekly class. Having trained in gymnastics throughout her childhood she naturally fell in love with the physical practice of yoga, but could not understand why they were made to lie on their backs for half an hour at the end...


Britt Hunter


Britt brings a magical element to her yoga classes, as she thoroughly believes that bliss is found in the human experience. Native to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Britt was practicing yoga before she even realised what yoga was. 


Judes Yang

Yoga | Yin

Judes Yang is an International yoga teacher and started teaching at the age of 26. She has lived and taught in the USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. In 2005, she left her corporate job in Australia to dedicate her life to her practice and to fulfil her calling of being a yoga...


Amy Williams

Pilates | Barre

Amy describes herself as “a self-confessed pilates addict with a love for good coffee, travel, and spending time with friends and family”. Her pilates classes are fun, motivational, and inspiring and she loves to deliver full-bodied, physical classes that leave her class with a feeling of both mental...


Crystal O’Rourke

Yoga | Yin | Meditation

Inspired by her first teacher, Michelle Merrifield, Crystal completed her Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as, Pilates, Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Thai Massage Training at Essence of Living.  Her passion lies in her desire to encourage students to gently explore & deepen their practice at their own pace, to inspire overall health and embed calmness into daily life. Crystal is constantly touched by the beauty of this practice, challenged by the self-discipline and moved by what it reveals.