Lauren began her yoga journey 5 years ago. She had always dabbled in yoga and pilates, but really found a connection with the art of asana and breath awareness when she attended a class after giving birth to her second child.

In 2014, Lauren completed her Yoga Teacher Training 200hr with NRG Yoga under Tammy Williams. In April 2015, Lauren was diagnosed with a spinal tumour & underwent 3 spinal surgeries. This is when she finally realised and practised the true form of Yoga. 

Yoga teaches us awareness, love, compassion, gratitude, kindness, wisdom. It teaches us how to use our Breathe to allow space in our physical and emotional body which creates space for growth to live and share our story.

Lauren teaches Vinyasa Yoga for all levels and is passionate about sharing what she has learnt on and off the mat. She will guide and support you through a Vinyasa flow with a deep connection to breath and movement with a splash of philosophy.

Lauren teaches Yoga classes at Ritual.