Yoga Teacher Training Q & A

Are you feeling the call for inner & outer  transformation ?

Do you want to learn about the many facets of the yoga practice including meditation & philosophy ?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you’re the kind of person we’re looking to have enrol in our 200hr training!

We are searching for 3 more committed students who are looking to embark on the path of self-reflection and transformation through Ayurveda, philosophy, pranayama, asana, adjustments & meditation on our upcoming 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Course !

What if I feel unready to teach, or don’t wish to teach at all ? 

Over the years we’ve noticed that often people want to study yoga, but hold back from undertaking a 200hr because they feel unready to teach or are unsure if they’d like to teach at all.

These concerns are common and make a lot of sense given that virtually all yoga courses are geared toward training students how to teach yoga. Ritual’s 200hr course is designed to address this particular conundrum, before you start teaching you need the right knowledge & experience under your belt. Yes, you will learn to teach, however our primary focus and priority is to give you a comprehensive education on the yoga practice as your starting point!

Over the course of 6 months our faculty of senior and highly educated/experienced teachers from around the globe provide you with in-depth teachings on the many different facets of the yoga tradition. Importantly the course content is balanced equally between theory and practice so that you can properly integrate what you’ve learned. If instructing yoga is your goal, or becomes your goal, great! We will give you not only the skills to do that, but the support to do so, by offering all graduates the opportunity to teach community classes at Ritual. This is bolstered by ongoing mentorship with Ritual’s senior teachers so that you can flourish as a new yoga teacher in the field.

What kind of yoga will I be studying ? 

The development of yoga as we know it draws on many different philosophies and lineages which share key concepts such as dharma, karma, samsara, dukkha, and meditation, with almost all of them focussing on the ultimate goal of liberation (moksha) of the individual through diverse range of practices. Hence, Ritual's educational and academically sound course does not set out to present yoga as one particular thing, from any one angle or on the basis of any one particular school of thought or philosophical system. Instead our aim is to provide you with an understanding of yoga and its key teachings, free from the limitations if dogma so that you can experience them in the context of your own life and belief system. That being said, it is imperative to understand yoga’s historical and cultural underpinnings, of which we will explore extensively in order to have an accurate understanding of exactly what it is we are learning and practising.

Is my practice advanced enough to start? 

The focus of Ritual’s 6 month course is about allowing students to understand and experience the core teachings of yoga on a practical level and is open to anyone who wants to study yoga, no matter how "advanced" or "not advanced" your asana is.

If you’re feeling the call for inner and outer transformation, and believe you’re ready to peel back some layers through self-study, then head to our website for more info on how you can sign up today.

Enrolments are closing soon!