12 Week Immersions


Every three months at Ritual, we hold a new 12 week program which helps participants from all walks of life and of all ages improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our 12 week programs offer participants unlimited yoga, pilates and meditation classes at Ritual and 6 amazing self-development workshops with inspirational and knowlegable guest speakers. Each 12 Week challenge has a new theme and focus, however all of our 12 programs are designed to encourage participants to search inside of themselves, work through mental/ emotional blockages, find inner strength and confidence while developing a consistent practice of yoga/pilates and meditation.


Our 12 week programs are holistic in nature and are about offering people a variety of practical tools to develop physical, mental and emotional fitness. Every 12 Week Challenge includes vouchers for local holistic health businesses such as Nuwa Natural Health and Freedom Float and ends with a one day silent retreat in the beautiful Currumbin Valley where we spend the day practising mindfulness through walking meditation, journaling, yoga and reflection.