"You are what you worship" - Rose Baudin

by Rose Lamont

“You are what you worship” ~ powerful words by my teacher Rosie Baudin

Put simply, what you give your attention to becomes energised. Energy, or in yogic terms ‘prana’ follows awareness. When we give a lot of attention to something or someone we start to model and imbibe the energy of that person or thing.

Today we worship influencers and forget about our philosophers, scientists and neighbours.

Curate your influencers! Check in with yourself, ask: why do I give so much of my attention to this person or that thing ? Are they displaying characteristics and qualities that I wish to embody ? If so why ? Am I comfortable with that ? Does this page or person serve or provide inspiration in a healthy way ? Does it help me experience my own authenticity or do I feel less than ? Am I left feeling full and inspired or jealous and contracted.

If you’re unsure of what you worship, check your IG feed, who do you follow, what kinds of accounts does your algorithm suggest you follow. This will give you a pretty good idea of where some of your energy is tied up and the kinds of people and ideas you are giving your attention to.

If you look at your feed and it makes you think twice about who your worshipping, that’s good news. It means you have the capacity to be honest with yourself, that you’re brave enough to have a dig around in your mind and self-reflect. With that awareness comes space, clarity and the opportunity to gain agency over your energy and where it’s going.

If you can begin to take responsibility for where your energy is streaming out to, you have the power to intentionally participate in the kind of person you would like to become. Don’t let the your conditioning or the algorithm decide for you.️

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Rose Lamont